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Bug Deflector Kit (1200mm)

Stick-On Bug Deflector Kit (Large)



Another day, another trip from work...

and there are bugs all over your windscreen. Yuck!

And what about that stone chip? Pretty sure that wasn't there before...
Maybe it's time for a bug deflector, but won't you have to drill holes in your bonnet?

Not anymore!

Our bug deflectors use a patented stick-on system with 3M Very-High-Bond (VHB) tape to ensure your bonnet stays in place, without damaging the paint!

The custom acrylic shape means our deflectors are:

  • Perfect for bugs, stones & wind
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good-looking
  • Fully customised, with 4 different colours to choose from and endless options for stickers!
  • Easy to install and remove, you can take your deflector with you no matter what vehicle you have!

But which deflector will fit my vehicle?

That's a very good question, and the answer is...any! But for the best fit, 1200mm deflectors will fit larger 4WD's like Nissan Patrol, Toyota 100/200 Series Landcruiser, Toyota V8 Trayback, or Early Holden models & Ford Falcons.
1200mm sounds too big? Check out our smaller deflector here!

Kit Includes:

1 x Allen's Bug Deflector in Red, Blue, Smoke or Clear.
4 x Brackets with 3M VHB tape (colour matched to suit your deflector)
1 x Fitting Template
4 x Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
Installation & Removal Guide

Our large deflectors measure 1200mm (47.2in) wide, 120mm (4.7in) high and are semi-transparent (except for clear which is completely transparent).

Still not convinced? Have more questions? Drop us an email!

Wondering if it is legal to fit a Bug Deflector to your bonnet?  All states have laws about modifications to your bonnet.  Allen's Bug Deflectors comply with these laws if fitted correctly.  Most states require any modifications to your bonnet to not obstruct the view.  You must be able to see 11 metres to the ground in front of your vehicle over the Bug Deflector.  

Link for Australian Code of Practice - Light Vehicle Modifications - Bonnet Modifications

It's time to get your new best friend for your 4x4's windscreen!

Looking for something more "you"? Purchase a bug deflector sticker and we'll fit it to the deflector for FREE!

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